Easepay for NGO's

Make a difference with fundraising for non-profits

The simplicity of Bitcoin donations via Easepay is a game-changer for NGO's

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Receive donations from supporters around the world.

Why Choose Easepay for Your NGO?

Easepay simplifies the donation process. Accept Bitcoin donations with ease, expanding your fundraising reach.

Streamlined Fundraising

Easepay offers efficient, secure, and global fundraising tools that make it easy to collect donations from supporters worldwide.

Recurring Donations

Enable recurring donations to ensure a steady and predictable stream of support for your NGO's initiatives.

Global Reach

Expand your NGO's reach beyond borders. With Easepay, you can receive donations from supporters across the globe.

Donor Convenience

Easepay's user-friendly platform allows donors to contribute with ease, increasing donations and engagement.

Tailored Solutions

Our team will work with your NGO to design solutions that meet your specific needs and align with your goals.


Receiving donations, or fundraising has never been easier and better

Empower your cause with the best tools to reach your goals. By using our bitcoin solutions not only do you make changes faster and better in the world, you also provide the opportunity for others to join in.

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Always know what you pay

Always know what you pay

Bill one-off or on a recurring basis, manage subscriptions and reduce payment declines with Easepay’s recovery tools.
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Start your integration

Get up and running with Easepay in as little as 10 minutes.
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