Instant, low cost payouts powered by Easepay

We offer a simple, and automated way for businesses to move bitcoin across borders. Fund with bitcoin or your local currency, provide us your payout instructions, and we’ll take care of the rest.
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Keep your funds in bitcoin. The world’s best digital currency is also the last decade’s best performing store of value.

Instant Payout in the currency of your choice

Settlement using traditional payment providers can take days. With Easepay, you receive funds immediately.
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Local currency

Easepay supports conversion from bitcoin to local currency, at time of payment or anytime after settlement.

On demand conversion

Convert bitcoin instantly or schedule conversions in advance. Hold funds in your preferred currency.

Guaranteed exchange rates

With Locked Rates, businesses who use Automatic Conversion to avoid bitcoin price changes always receive the full requested local currency amount.

Split settlement

For each payment, keep a percentage of settlement funds in bitcoin and automatically convert the rest to local currency. Manage your exposure to bitcoin price changes and update your settings at any time.

Conversion tool

Convert settled funds to/from bitcoin anytime. Hold funds in your preferred currency and optimize funds transfers.
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Free conversion and support for major currencies

Conversion is free

With Easepay it’s free to convert to/from bitcoin.

Supported currencies

Choose from our list of supported major settlement currencies.

We’re adding more

We’re expanding our exchange pool and adding new currencies.